PocketDroid and the Android community needs your help!

PocketDroid has been founded back in 2011 out of passion for technology, but mainly out of love for the Android operating system.

The site is maintained by a wonderful team of enthusiasts driven by a common goal: to give back to this amazing Android community everything they’ve learned and experienced throughout the years, because sharing is what makes the Android Universe so great.

As PocketDroid grows exponentially year after year, the workload can be overwhelming sometimes, reason why we are looking to expand by recruiting new members (interns).

If you fit our profile you can become a content author/editor at Pocketdroid, enjoy all sort of freebies from time to time, test unreleased apps and games, but also if you prove yourself worthy by earning full member status, you can gain access to some of the most desirable gadgets and accessories today, and some you may own afterwards.


  • basic Wordpress platform experience
  • good english both writing and speaking
  • know and use Android OS on a daily basis
  • love sharing your own Android experience with the world
  • have at least 1-2 hours throughout a day / 5 days a week (we know you’re already spending a lot of time on digging in Google Play store for new Apps & Games and read the news from various sources, why not let the world know about your findings?
  • tech vocabulary is a plus

Right now we are looking for News writers, App & Game reviewers. Feeling up for the ride? Then submit your application via email at office@pocketdroid.net. Please note that these are voluntary positions for interns.

(make sure to include your cv/resume/bio, mention any previous experience, and which position would you like to apply for in the Subject of your email).

P.S. Only those selected will be contacted at a later date by our staff.

Thank you for your application!