Oneplus accused of falsely advertising Oneplus 7 Pro’s camera optical zoom capability


Recently, Oneplus announced the Oneplus 7 Pro smartphone with all the bells and whistles, which the Chinese company advertises as sporting a great performing camera with a telephoto lens capable of 3x optical zoom.

Oneplus accused of falsely advertising Oneplus 7 Pro’s camera optical zoom capability

Now, the telephoto lens in question apparently is not fully capable of 3x optical zoom the way Oneplus advertises. According to a Reddit user and AndroidPolice, the lens’ zoom is closer to 2.2x optical zoom rather than 3x optical zoom as it is advertised by the mobile maker (see image below taken from its official website).

falsely advertising Oneplus 7

These reports claim that in order to achieve the 3x zoom in the shots Oneplus 7 Pro crops the edges of the photos. The new flagship killer uses the inquestion telephoto lens for Portrait shots, however the field of view changes when using the 3x zoom in Portrait Mode, according to the same reports. Basically, the 13MP Samsung S5K3M5 telephoto sensor is cropping 13MP photos down to 8MP to hit 3x “optical zoom”.

In response to the matter Oneplus had this to say to AndroidCentral:

The OnePlus 7 Pro has 3x zoom with no digital zoom or loss of detail. The telephoto camera serves two main purposes: 3x zoom and portrait mode photography. It will switch the field of view depending on the camera mode. With 3x zoom, the telephoto camera delivers the advertised lossless 8 megapixels images. Portrait mode utilizes all 13 megapixels from the sensor in the telephoto camera.

Note that in its reply Oneplus intentionally omitted the word “optical”

This is not the first time Oneplus got caught misleading its customers about their smartphones camera capabilities. In 2017 the company claimed its Oneplus 5 smartphone’s camera was capable of 2x optical zoom, when in reality the optical zoom was only 1.6x.