Search and Browser apps recommandations visible in Play store to Europeans (more choices)


After a unprecendented fine (over 4 billion euros) received from the European regulators, Google Inc is now starting to roll out a fix to European users which will give them the choice of alternative Search and/or Browser apps through the Google’s Play store.

Basically, all Android / Chrome OS running device users will begin seeing a few options when it comes to Search engine of choice or the Browser to surf the world wide web.

In a blog post on Google’s website, Paul Gennai, the product management director of Google Inc, confirmed that after the latest Google Play store app update Europeans will start seeing the new app recommendations screen when accessing the Google Play store app on their devices.

Search and Browser apps recommandations

Once greeted by the Play store new recommendations screen, Europeans will be able to choose between multiple Search and Browser apps (see screenshots above which show Qwant, DuckDuck Go, Ecosia, Microsoft’s Edge, Mozilla’s Firefox, Puffin browser among the choices users will have). 

Google says the recommended apps listed in this section will be based on their popularity in each users region (location) and will appear in random order.

The fix will begin appearing on Europeans devices in the coming weeks, and will be included in all new devices with the Google Play store app.

And that’s not all! “If an additional search app or browser is installed, the user will be shown an additional screen with instructions on how to set up the new app (e.g., placing app icons and widgets or setting defaults). Where a user downloads a search app from the screen, we’ll also ask them whether they want to change Chrome’s default search engine the next time they open Chrome“, as seen demonstrated in the screenshot above.

Google says it will begin licensing its apps to device makers to prevent this issue from occuring again, and will offer more solutions for the future.