Equipped with uFS 3.0 memory, Galaxy Fold reaches staggering read/write speeds


uFS 3.0 memory

Smartphone and tablet memories are becoming increasingly faster each year, and with the introduction of UFS v3.0 (which replaces UFS 2.1) Samsung Electronics, basically, makes the Galaxy Fold the worlds first smartphone equipped with the new high-speed UFS memories that the South Korean company produces in its own yard.

To understand how fast UFS 3.0 memory is today, UFS 2.1 memories barely reach 900 Mb/s read speed; 180 MB/s write speed. Meanwhile, Galaxy Fold equipped with UFS 3.0 can reach read speeds up to 1,480 MB/s; over 380 MB/s write speeds, as seen demoed using AndroBench app in a hands-on video by IceUniverse Twitter account.

This demo pretty much confirms that Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone has the fastest UFS 3.0 memory, which makes it the perfect handset for on-the-go mobile video editing, for processing 3D graphics hungry games, or for transfering data (files, photos, music, etc).