Pixel 3a smartphones event teased by Google? (Avengers Endgame promo)


Pixel 3a smartphones event

We’ve been seeing and hearing rumours about the Pixel 3 LitePixel 3a smartphone for months now, and everything could be made official in early May, when Google’s annual world-wide developers conference — Google I/O 2019 – will take place.

The date promoted by Google in its latest teaser on its online store coincides with the day Google I/O 19 begins (May 7th). Although the teaser doesn’t reveal much, it does give away the fact that it is a promotional ad for the Pixel series.

Pixel 3a smartphones event

On the said page at Google’s Play store, the ad promotes the upcoming Marvel blockbuster: Avengers Endgame. The G logo somewhat resemblance the Avengers Endgame purple logo and it is followed by the following catch-phrase: “Help is on the way.”

This could mean that Google signed a deal with Disney to promote the Avengers, and Pixel could be the official brand of the movie. We might even see Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL smartphones in the hands of our favourite Marvel super heroes during the movie.

The teaser continues with the following phrase “On May 7, something big is coming to the Pixel universe“, which pretty much gives-a-way everything. There is no doubt that on May 7 Google will reveal at least one gadget (probably a handful of gadgets)under the Pixel brand, which right now includes several electronic devices: from phones and laptops, to tablets, wireless headphones and other accessories.

During Google I/O we are also expecting Google to update us on its Android Q mobile operating system build state, as well as announce new software and services.