Grim Soul Survival, a dark role-playing fantasy for Android devices


Grim Soul Survival

You might be familiar with this type of post apocalyptic survival gameplay as there are more than a dozen of such Android games available for download in the Google Play store.

From the creators of Last Day on Earth, Kefir!, comes the story of Grim Soul Survival taking place in a once prosperous imperial province whose inhabitants have turned into haunting dark spirits due to ‘Grey Decay’ spreading fear and darkness throughout the land. It is a dangerous place to live in, which is why the goal of the game is to try to survive for as long as you can by collecting resources (all sort of materials, weapons, food, tools etc) to build shelters and defend yourself from the dangers lurking in the shadows (zombie knights, wild animals and all sort of monsters).

As the developers describe it: “Life in the Plaguelands is a constant battle not only with hunger and thirst but with hordes of undead and cursed beasts. Conquer nature and fight in this action RPG for real heroes.

With the materials you gather in your quests inside enemy territory, you can build your shelter and evolve it in time into a stronghold. You can also build all sort of other useful things: like a stable for horses, a boat, a cart, and even a carriage, but you’ll have to obtain all the necessary resources to build them (like wood, stone, metals etc).

The graphics is neat, the sounds are carefully picked by the developers and overall the game delivers a pretty engaging grim medieval-like virtual surroundings where your character has to survive.

Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival is free to install and play, but there there are a lot of micro transactions inside it (in-app purchases), which will give the upper hand to willing to spend some real money in this game.

Give it a try, and tell us how you find the gameplay, the story and the overall experience in it.