Raid Shadow Legends, a turn-based Android RPG with great graphics


Raid Shadow Legends

It is Monday, which means is game time at Pocketdroid! Today, we are proposing a turn-based fantasy role-playing game developed by Plarium Global Ltd for Android devices called Raid Shadow Legends.

Raid Shadow Legends delivers stunning visuals and a turn-based gameplay with mythic characters (champions) from sixteen factions.

The action is taking place in Teleria realm, where you have to recruit and train sorcerers, skinwalkers, undead, knights, elves, warriors to assemble an army in order to save the world fighting against the Light or the Dark forces.

What’s great about this game is that you can raid together in party with other players from all over the world, or with local friends to kill bosses and take their loot (experience, special champions drops, other powerful gear etc). Or you can just battle it out with other players in a Player versus Player arena (a head-to-head fight) to unlock special gear.

You can choose to play in dungeon runs, story campaign (PvE) or PvP mode. But you’ll have to build your own castle (own fortress) upgrade it and create new champions for your army.

The game is available to download and install for free at Google Play store, but it does include an in-app purchase system to grow you army’s strength faster.

Raid Shadow Legends is available in English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Turkish and a few other languages.