Energy Battery app uses Galaxy S10 in-display selfie camera to show percentage


Energy Ring

A whole new trend was born around Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy S10 smartphones.

It all started with the wallpapers Samsung created to hide the selfie camera on all of its Galaxy S10 phones. And so, people took it to a whole new level, creating new more creative wallpapers to naturally blend or hide the selfie camera. 

There is a huge thread started weeks ago on Reddit, where you can now find tens, if not hundreds of wallpapers specially customized around the circular selfie camera on the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10E or the dual camera selfie camera on the Galaxy S10+ (Plus) model.

Another idea is to transform the circular camera into an energy ring, which someone actually thought off early and transformed his idea into an actual Android app called Energy Ring (go figure), which we can download for free at Google Play store. The app allows all sorts of customization to the ring around the selfie camera: from thickness, to colour option, to multiple colours used at once to show the battery level.

Some of its feature will only be available in the Pro version (paid) of the Energy Ring app.

Note that the app is only supporting Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10E for now. Galaxy S10+ support is on its way according to the developer.