Google to announce Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL phones soon


While there is still plenty of time until Google I/O 2019 (7 – 9 May), new details emerge about two more affordable Google Pixel smartphones.

This is not the first time we see images portraying a more affordable Pixel phone, nor the first time details leak about its configuration.

Pixel 3a
photo credit: @OnLeaks Twitter account

According to a new source Google will unveil a couple of Pixel 3a smartphones dubbed Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL (not Pixel 3 Lite as it was earlier rumoured) by the end of this Spring. And the best place to launch them is at Google I/O 2019 in May (unless it plans to launch them with Android 10 Q in late August 2019).

The standard model will look a lot like Pixel 3 except the screen is OLED not LCD and it is slightly larger (5.6″). It will sport Full HD+ (1,080 x 2,220 px) screen resolution and 18.5:9 aspect ratio which we can consider it an upgrade from current Pixel 3’s 5.5-inch display with 18:9 aspect ratio.

The upcoming Pixel 3a series handsets will feature Active Edge functionality (pressure sensitive sides).

The 12MP camera on the back is capable of taking the same image quality as Pixel 3’s, however there is a mid-range image chip that’s noticeably slower when the photos are taken with the camera. The front-facing camera comes with an 8MP sensor, but there is no ultra-wide functionality.

When it comes to processing hardware inside Pixel 3a, Google likely equipped it with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 670 CPU, 4GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage. The XL variant will carry the Snapdragon 710 CPU instead.

Both phones will feature an eSIM like Apple’s iPhone XS’ and include Google’s Titan M security chip. The standard Pixel 3a model will have 18W fast-charging enabled for its 3,000 mAh battery via USB-C port. These new 3a Pixel phones are highly-unlikely to include wireless charging. They are mid-range devices after all.

You’ll probably ask yourselves ‘Why is Google launching such models?’ Well, because the premium models it announced last year aren’t selling as great as the company planned for multiple motives. First it’s that not so appealing notch on the Pixel 3 XL model, then there is the price tag, and a lot of competition from other smartphones that are better looking and more affordable at this time (Nokia phones with Vanilla Android, Xiaomi’s Mi 9, Oneplus 6OnePlus 6T etc).