Android Pie update for HTC smartphones pushed to Q2 2019


Android Pie update for HTC smartphones

HTC’s smartphone business is going through several rough years in a row due to poor management decisions, and although it got to the point where the company had to make a deal with Google to stay afloat, HTC remains one of the well-known smartphone brands with tens of millions of fans all over the globe ready to jump back in HTC’s boat if the company is able to shift its strategy and deliver what people ask of them.

For instance, the software update of their phones is a total letdown for most HTC users, the company is not able even today to deliver firmware upgrades in time to its most faithful customers.

In a tweet posted recently on its official Twitter account HTC says that it has pushed back to Q2 of 2019 the Android Pie update for HTC smartphones such as HTC U12+, HTC U11+ and HTC U11. Right now, the only HTC smartphone offering Android Pie experience to its owners is the HTC U11 Life, a phone launched in partnership with Google under Android One project, which means the updates are received through Google’s servers.

HTC could get back in the smartphone game if approaches Apple, OnePlus or Google’s own strategy when it comes to manufacturing and releasing smartphones. The lesser phones released every year, the better. 

All that HTC needs to do to get back in this game in the next 2-3 years, is to launch a low-budget device, a mid-ranger and flagship phone each year not more. All under Android One project with stock Android OS with timely software updates and monthly security patches. HMD Global (Nokia) does it so well for the last couple of years.

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Oneplus has a slightly different approach, but it also focuses on releasing only two, three phones a year just like Apple does.

Besides, Blackberry and Alcatel has been licensing companies like TCL to produce its smartphones, so why can’t HTC do the same in the next few years if it doesn’t have the man power anymore.

HTC can do this as well, especially that it already has this h