One Hand Operation Plus Android App From Samsung Adds More Gestures


Google’s Android mobile operating system has matured so nicely. If in the beginning to be able to navigate through menus one had to rely on his handheld physical buttons along the way the system migrated to on-screen software menu keys, and more recently to navigation gestures thanks to Android 9 Pie.

Smartphones today are becoming taller and taller making them less functional with one hand, thus mobile makers are looking for ways to improve the one-hand user experience. Samsung recently rolled out its One UI to Galaxy smartphones, and starting this week the Korean giant has also published its One Hand Operation+ Android application in to the Google Play store.

One Hand Operation

Samsung’s One Hand Operation+ app makes navigation easier for Android smartphone users, because it allows to perform different actions through specific swipe gestures from the right or the left side of the screen.

One Hand Operation+ default gesture swipe action triggers the Back command, but you can also set other triggers on horizontal, diagonal up or diagonal down direction gestures. As the owner of the handset becomes more accustomed to using short gestures, he/she will also be able to set up more triggers on long gestures.

Currently available functions are as follows, and we plan to provide additional function upgrades.

– Back key
– Home key
– Recent key
– Menu key
– Previous app
– Forward (web browser)
– Open notification panel 
– Open quick panel 
– Screen off 
– Assistance app 
– Screenshot 
– Floating navigation buttons
– Pull screen down
– One-handed mode
– Task switcher 

Please note that this app is compatible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones. You can download and install the app at Play store.