Facebook Messenger Dark Mode available to Android users


Facebook Inc has finally started to roll out the ‘Dark Mode’ for its Messenger application, which is available as an easter egg on both Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode available to Android users

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode is fully integrated within the Android mobile application, however it is not available as in option until you trigger it through an emoji (Moon emoji as seen in the screenshot above) by sending it in a private message to anyone who is on Facebook and not blocked.

If you don’t like the new feature or just want to revert back to White Mode (the default mode inside the app), you can do so by clicking your own profile image (at the top left) inside the app, there you’ll find the Dark Mode option for turning it OFF or ON.

Facebook will likely activate this feature as an option inside its Messenger application in the following days/weeks. For now, you can activate it only by sending a Moon emoji in a private message.