Asus ZenFone software update to Android Pie


Asus ZenFone software update

In a post (now closed) on Asus’ official ZenTalk forums, one of their moderators posted on February 26 2019 a roadmap with all the Asus ZenFone devices that will be getting a software update to Android Pie at some point this year.

While the ZenFone 5 (model number ZE620KL) and ZenFone 5z (model number ZS620KL) have already received the new firmware build which offers Android Pie to their owners, the said post revealed that the Asus ROG Phone is about to receive the upgrade (probably this month), and the list continues with a plethora of other ZenFone series handsets (check the screnshot below for your specific model).

We are not sure exactly why Asus took down this post from their ZenTalk forums, probably because they are updating it with more specific dates for their devices, or they just dont want to confirm the upgrade for some models as the firmware is not ready yet, or it didnt pass the testing which means they might not make the jump to Pie.

Either way, if you own one of the Asus’ Zenfones in this list, you should keep an eye on its forums for further announcements regarding a softare update.