Huawei Mate X goes official as worlds first 5G foldable smartphone


Huawei Mate X

As expected, at a press event held earlier this afternoon in Barcelona, a day before Mobile World Congress 2019 will be opening its doors to the public, Huawei Mate X made its debut as the worlds first 5G foldable smartphone.

The phone comes in a rather interesting form factor. It basically looks like a Lenovo Yoga tablet with a grip on one side, where there is also the camera with Leica lenses (the only camera.

Huawei Mate X feature an 8-inch OLED Flexible Display with 2,200 x 2,480 pixels screen resolution. Because it folds on the outside, Huawei didnt find the need for a second OLED panel like Samsung used on its Galaxy Fold (folds on the inside). Instead the 8″ panel folds in two, thus creating two screens. The one at the front measures 6.6″, and one at the back which measures 6.38″ in diagonal. The rest of the remaining screen real-estate of the whole 8″ panel gets turned off (the pixels are turned off thus simulating a frame with ultra-thin bezel).