Google IO 2019 is happening 7 – 9 May, at Shoreline Amphitheatre


Google IO 2019

Google hasn’t made this official yet on its Google I/O website, but its CEO, Sundar Pinchai took it to Twitter to confirm the dates for Google’s annual developers conference which will be taking place in the same location as last year: Shoreline Amphitheatre.

Google IO 2019 dates confirmed

Google I/O 2019 will start on May 7 with a Keynote where the Search giant will be in announcing new hardware (maybe a new Pixel 3 Lite smartphone, a Google Home and other Google Voice assistant based gadgets), new software updates including Android Q build for developers, and will continue throughout May 9 with all sort of networking and meetup events, as well as a closing party for attendees.

You’ll be able to buy online your tickets to Google I/O 2019 just like in previous years, but until Google refreshes its IO website with 2019 info, we have nothing else but to wait.