Xiaomi’s president shows off a foldable Android smartphone with flexible display


Foldable android smartphone

2019 is the year that we’re finally getting foldable Android smartphones with flexible displays, but are they fully functional like a classic candybar smartphone?

Well, they (the manufacturers) are not quite there yet, but the short-term future looks promising within the smartphone industry.

Xiaomi’s president appears in new hands-on video on YouTube and Weibo showing off what it looks like a foldable Android smartphone with a flexible display that turns into a tablet whenever the user wants more touch screen.

In the video Mr Lin Bin, the co-founder and current president of Xiaomi, shows how the gadget’s UI adapts from tablet mode to smartphone mode when its edges are folded to the back of the handset, turning it into a candybar-like smartphone with curved edges.

Now, the prototype we are looking at is by no means the foldable Android smartphone we are dreaming of, the one we usually see only in Sci-Fi movies, but manufacturers are close at achieving the goal of delivering to the world a fully functional foldable Android smartphone with a flexible screen.

At this point we have mixed reactions about using a foldable device at its 100% potential, as there are still some quirks to figure out, like the creases that form on the OLED panel when in tablet mode. It is obvious that it’s not a flat screen as we would have wanted, but they might figure that one out in the next couple of years.