Moto G7 smartphones series leak suggests four handsets in the pipelines from Lenovo


Moto G7 smartphones

Lenovo’s Moto smartphone series is expanding in 2019 with four new smartphones, as a leak suggests the Chinese mobile maker is working to unleash a Moto G7, Moto G7 Plus, Moto G7 Play and Moto G7 Power.

According to DroidShout blog, the source that provided these press renders allegedly portraying all four Moto G7 smartphones, the first two aforementioned phones will have a waterdrop-like notch at the top of the screen, while the remaining two will sport a full notch.

And this is not the only visible difference in terms of design. The second one is at the back, in the main circular camera setup. While Moto G7 and Moto G7 Plus has two sensors horizontally positioned, the G7 Play and G7 Power only come with a single sensor and an LED Flash, and they are vertically aligned. The latter two models allegedly include a fingerprint sensor embedded in the M logo, but not the first two models which we find it a bit weird.

Is likely the standard Moto G7 is the lesser equipped of all four devices, with G7 Power packing more juice to last you for days (a rumoured 5,000 mAh in tow). The Play variant is expected to perform better of all four during gaming sesions.

Lenovo’s Moto G7 smartphones series is expected to launch next Spring, just like the Moto G6 series debuted in the second half of April, last year.