Best Free Android Games of 2018 (Pocketdroid Editors picks)


Another year is about to close its door, and while we remain with a lot of interesting Android apps and game releases from 2018, we’ve cherry-picked for you the best free Android games of 2018.

Best Free Android Games of 2018

These are in our humble opinion the best games of 2018 that you can download and install for free from Google’s Play store

Asphalt 9: Legends

Over the summer Gameloft surprised the Android community with the release of Asphalt 9 Legends, one of the best car games available on Android devices this year, and to top it all of, the game is free.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Football (or soccer as our fellow americans call it) is one of the most watched sports games on the planet with billions of people watching FIFA World Cup and UEFA Champions League events to name a couple. Developed by Konami, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 brings the football game right in the palm of our hands through mobile experience, and it is one of the best football games available on Android handsets in 2018.


Injustice 2