Huawei & Samsung to launch world’s first phone with a in-display selfie camera this December


Every now and then we’re hearing rumours about smartphone makers working on an alternative way to remove the notch and offer more display real estate to users. In fact, we’ve seen an alleged Asus ZenFone 6 prototype with an in-display selfie camera cutout back in October.

in-display selfie camera

Unlike Asus whose smartphone will probably wont go official until next Spring (2019), Samsung Electronics recently introduced five new types of display including one dubbed Infinity-O, which is pretty much the same type of display we’ve encountered in the ZenFone 6 prototype last month. Not only that, but Samsung has plans to release the world’s first smartphone with such a in-display cutout to be able to drop the notch altogether without removing the selfie camera.

No word yet when Samsung will be announcing its first smartphone with a in-display selfie camera, however, according to a pretty reliable source, Huawei is going to beat them to it next month (see image above). Huawei took it to social media to tease its upcoming device with a in-display selfie camera, no notch and ultra-thin bezels. And, if Samsung isn’t moving fast enough with its Galaxy A8s phone, Huawei may become the world’s first mobile maker to launch such a handset as early as this December.

Furthermore, Huawei plans to beat Samsung in the foldable smartphone segment as well. While Samsung is currently ahead (already showcased its first prototype), it still is months away from making it commercially available to users. True, Huawei hasn’t shown off anything yet, just rumours. But it wont be much of a surprise if Huawei lands in Las Vegas early 2019 (firs week of January) showcasing a foldable smartphone or the one with a in-display selfie camera (full screen, no notch and almost no bezels, chin or forehead either).