Pixel 3 Lite smartphone compared to Pixel 3 in new image


Pixel 3 Lite smartphone

For a few weeks now we’ve been hearing and seeing images of an alleged Pixel 3 Lite that Google has in the works, which may or may not go on sale by the end of this year. 

For now, the Pixel 3 Lite you see in the (left) hands-on image above right next to the Pixel 3 is merely a prototype. The source who has the handset shows off a slightly taller and narrower device compared to Pixel 3. Its screen measures 5.56-inches in diagonal (almost the same diagonal as P3), except the aspect ratio is 18,5:9 instead of 18:9. However, it retains the wide chin and forehead, but at least there is no notch on this one for people to laugh about.