HTC’s smartphone business isnt going anywhere now that 5G is right around the corner


HTC's smartphone business

We already know HTC has plans to release a more affordable version of the U12+ by the end of this year under Google’s Android One project dubbed HTC U12 Life, just like it did last year with U11 Life

After selling its mobile division to Google Inc along with most of the man power, engineers and designers, the industry thought that this might be the last year for HTC in the mobile market.

However, HTC recently launched the worlds first blockchain smartphone, HTC Exodus 1, a device dedicated to virtual coin aficionados for a way to safely store crypto currency in their pockets, which makes it very hard to believe that HTC is done with the mobile business.

According to DigiTimes (whose sources sometimes get it right, other times not so much), HTC said that its smartphone business is here to stay for many more years. The Taiwanese based company has plans to release new smartphones throughout 2019 as this kind of gadgets are deeply integrated into people’s lives nowadays, plus the company sees a lot of potential in 5G technology, artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality (where HTC is doing pretty great with its Vive brand) and Augmented Reality, all linked to smartphones one way or the other.

HTC will continue to strengthen its smartphone business with the release of new consumer and enterprise models throughout 2019.

For now, we are expecting a HTC U12 Life device with 6GB of RAM, 128GB of ROM and pure vanilla Android that’s due to arrive by mid-December 2018, a phone with stock Android Pie which will likely receive timely software and security updates through Google’s servers not long after Pixel phones receive their respective update.