Google Play User’s Choice Awards 2018. Vote for your favourite App & Game!


Google Play User's Choice Awards 2018

Every year for a while now, Google Inc allows Android users to cast their votes at the annual Google Play User’s Choice Awards, where voters can vote for their favourite app, game, movie or manga.

The voting polls are open only in some countries all over the globe, and depending on the market, the poll options may differ. For instance, in the US one can cast his/her vote for app, game and movie of the year, while in the UK instead of voting for movie of the year people get to vote for Manga of the year (for some reason it doesn’t seem available in Europe even though the service is available). Also the list of apps and games you can vote for differs with each country.

The vote works only if you are logged in. After casting the vote, you will see the current standings in your specific country.

Did you vote yet? Which are the best Android games or apps in your opinion?