Flexible update is coming to Android apps. Lets the user use the app while updating it!


Android Dev Summit 2018 kicked off yesterday at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, where Google delivered some news that concerns the users.

Beside adding native support for Android devices with foldable screens, Google also announced a two-way option within their API to updates any Android app in the Google Play store: full-screen experience for critical updates and flexible update.

Flexible update

On one hand the new functionality allows developers to notify its users about a critical update to patch a security / vulnerability issue within the app, and secondly it allows the end-user to update his apps without them closing on him while having the app that is updating open. Google calls this option a flexible update (see it demonstrated in the gif above). This means we will be able to use for instances the Facebook app while it is updating, or any other app in our Android devices.

The new functionality also gives developers a chance to be able to notify the user about a critical update by allowing them to send a screen message the next time a user starts an app. Of course, us users will have the option to opt out of the update if we find ourselves not connected to a Wi-Fi network, we are low on battery, or for whatever other reason.