Star Trek Trexels II, a turn-based mobile game for trekkies


Star Trek Trexels II

Remember the good old PC turn-based games we used to play back in early 90s. Well, folk at Kongregate developed what they call Star Trek Trexels II, a mobile game reminiscent of UFO: Enemy Unknown DOS game of that time with 8-bit graphics and turn-based strategy movement. But this time around you get to explore strange new worlds, new civilizations instead of playing under water. All you have to do is take command of your favourite Star Fleet ship and venture into the Universe.

Star Trek Trexels II gives us, trekkies, a unique mobile experience, the Star Trek adventures into the palm of our hands. 

Star Trek Trexels II features:

  • Collect Picard, Spock, Janeway, Kirk, Data, and all your other favorite Star Trek characters!
  • Build your ships to maximize efficiency and suit them to your play style!