Nubia X, a ZTE flagship phone with dual color screens, no notch and one camera


Nubia X

There was this thought that there is no more room for innovation in terms of smartphone design, but ZTE says otherwise with its brand new Nubia X. The Chinese company brings new vision and functionality to the smartphone industry through its Nubia series. Nubia X features two displays with 19:9 aspect ratio. The Full HD+ LCD at the front measures 6.26-inches in diagonal, the one at the back which is a HD+ OLED measures 5.1 inches. 

Why two displays? Well, ZTE figured out a way to get rid of the notch and the front facing camera by introducing a secondary colour display at the back of the device which allows users to take selfies with the main camera instead of adding a slider mechanism for the front camera, thus there is no need for a front-facing camera and it allowed ZTE to embed a display that covers over 93% of Nubia X’s front.