Car Games – Top 5 Fabulous Car Chase Simulators for Android


We all love a good car chase even if we are not actually driving in real life but rather in a virtual environment using the smartphone as the steering wheel.

In today’s ‘Top 5 Fabulous Car Chase Simulator for Android’ we’ve cherry picked the car games that offer the best graphics, great steering control, and most importantly the one’s that let the adrenaline flow wild.

So let’s get started with our top 5 countdown of the best car games for mobile devices right now!

1. Rival Gears Racing by Shortround Games

Is a head to head car racing game with unique ride designs where you race other players online to win and upgrade your cars, repair them if needed after each race, but most importantly change their looks with fresh paint jobs. There is also a pyramid leagues where you can climb to the top all while unlocking rewards for each level. Do you think you have what it takes to become the king of the streets? 


2. Crazy for Speed 2 by Magic Seven

Crazy for Speed 2

The second installment of Magic Seven’s Crazy for Speed delivers more crazy racing adrenaline rush to players. Crazy for Speed 2 offers realistic 3D graphics, game physics and sounds. There are plenty tracks to compete with other drivers either in ‘game mode’ or ‘career mode’. You have at your disposal some of the top super cars which you can drive in Crazy for Speed 2!


3. Race Kings by Hutch Games

Hutch Games developers bring us one of the most compelling car games as of late, Race Kings. A drifting car racer with great graphics where you challenge other players from all over the world in a two drivers showdown. The best drifter wins in this intense car duels designed for Android smartphones.


Gear.Club True Racing by Eden Games

Gear Club

Gear.Club is one of the best car games you’ll find in the Google Play store when it comes to graphics. The game offers some of the most beautiful settings (tracks) and the most advanced car details. A more realistic driving than this you wont get on a mobile device, and you get to compete with your friends online or with other players from all over the world. Collect as many hyper cars as possible and win your races.


GTR Speed Rivals by Azur Interactive Games Limited

GTR Speed Rivals