Soccer Manager 2018 might be the mobile football simulator you are looking for


Soccer Manager 2018

There are never enough football manager simulators out there, because each and every one of these phone games lack some features we want. 

Well, this past week we came across Soccer Manager 2018 in the Google Play store, a football manager simulator for mobile devices developed by Soccer Manager Ltd that we find really interesting.

The gameplay is similar to all previous games in the genre and features over 800 football clubs from 35 countries around the globe including. The develpoers describe their game as “the most diverse free to play football management simulator in the world.” We’d say the game is not bad at all if you are into football club management games, the graphics are  as you’d expect from the genre and the functionality and responsiveness of the UI is quite good. Even though there are still small issues to fix Soccer Manager 2018 is a great way to pass the time during breaks, train travels or while at home (in bed).

Soccer Manager 2018 features: