Top 5 new phone games for Android fans


Phone games

The weekend is upon us, and if you haven’t made any plans yet or just plan to stay inside and chill, why not take a look at our Top 5 new phone games we are proposing, that if you are an Android user and a fan of the mobile operating system.

These are the top 5 new phone games our editors picked for this week, and some are them are amazingly fun to play.


Top 5 New Phone Games 

1. Sneak Ops

Developed by Noodlecake Studios Sneak Ops caught our eye because of its strategic gameplay. It is a 8-bit graphics quest game (sort of), because you have to sneak by or defeat the enemies which you encounter while going stealth mode through each level.

The main goal is to not get caught sneaking into the high-tech equipped military base. To reach it, you can knock out the guards or just avoid them and the security cameras that are monitoring the base. Note that everyday the map changes to a new location, new traps and more.


2. Maze – Shadow of Light

Maze is a brand new role-playing game filled with action. The game offers dynamic game play and controls with a unique system feature called Tag Action, which enables players to swap between heroes and guardians to activate combo moves in order to take down enemies. Mazer Shadow of Light delivers 50 levels through which you’ll have to find the blessed relics, upgrade your equipment and kill the evil Diabolus to save Tera. There is also a 2 vs 2 battle in real-time mode in an arena.


3. CaveFall