Google Pixel 3 XL notch is hideous and people react with memes (gallery)


Google Pixel 3 XL notch

Our worst nightmares have come true! Yes, the leaks are accurate even though Google tried to troll the Internet making us think that the leaks are fake.

The standard Pixel 3 comes with a thick forehead which is explainable because it embeds a dual selfie camera and the ear-piece that doubles as a secondary front-facing stereo speaker in it, but the chin? And the Pixel 3 XL, ohh, the XL variant comes with a ugly notch. Basically, Google copied Apple iPhones notch and took it to the next level of hideousness instead of making it more discreet. Google’s team of designers and engineers had a whole year and a plethora of examples (Oneplus 6, Essential Phone, Oppo Find X, Galaxy Note 9, HTC U12+) to come up at the end of 2018 with a better design, but they’ve failed miserably.

It seems that Google hasn’t learn anything from all the trolling Apple received from people and even from some of its competition along the way (Huawei, Samsung). They even made it worse by not offering more than 4 GB of RAM (which could be bad in the long run for users of Pixel 3 phones the way the games and apps are evolving — hardware hungry hoggs). And top off all of this, Google asks for $150 for the Pixel 3 in the US (expect at least 150 euros ore in Europe, 150 GBP in the UK), $50 more for the XL variant all while the Pixel 3 XL comes with a slightly smaller battery.

Less than 24 hours after Google Inc announced its 2018 Pixel smartphones people started reacting to Pixel 3 phones design, especially to Pixel 3 XL notch calling it names and making up memes. 

We’ve put together a photo gallery with some of the best memes out there, and they are hilarious.