AppSales saves you money & gets you paid Android apps at a discount, or for Free



In the Internet and smart things era we have to pay for a lot of things and services to have access to, especially pay for apps if we want more functionality from our smartphones and tablets.

Applications such as AppSales have been around for a while, but recently I reinstalled it on my daily driver device, and I’ve noticed how much money I can save with it on a monthly basis because it allows me to get such paid apps and games at a discounted price tag, or even for free when developers decide to make them available free of charge for a limited period of time.

Appsales not only can notify us when new Android applications and games get discounted, but you can also save your favourite paid apps and games in a list of your own, and when their prices get cut off you get a notification to grab it either discounted or for free.

AppSales UI comes with 4 tabs:

  1. Highlights – the tab where each day apps and games are listed at their new price tag,
  2. Latest sales – the tab where all the latest apps and games are listed when their prices are cutt off 
  3. Now free – the tab where all paid apps that are free to download and install get listed
  4. Watchlist – your own tab of apps and games, where you can search and add whatever paid app or game you want to get at some point discounted or for free. I usually use this tab to nab Icon Packs and games mostly.

In the long run it is good to have such an application on your smartphone, because you can make your own list of paid apps and games, and then benefit whenever their price drops. 

Download Appsale at Google Play store.