Xiaomi bans flashing Global MIUI ROM on China imported phones


Xiaomi bans flashing Global MIUI

In a statement published today on its MIUI forums, Xiaomi has just announced that as of this week the company will not allow Xiaomi smartphone users to flash Global MIUI ROM on China-imported smartphones or the other way around, flashing China MIUI ROM on global versions of their phones. Not the most popular move from the Chinese company.

Statement below:

Here’s something VERY important before you flash or update the ROM. 

1. Xiaomi Phones manufactured for Chinese market are not able to run MIUI Global ROM.
2. Xiaomi Phones manufactured for Global markets are not able to run MIUI China ROM.

We highly recommend you to buy Xiaomi Phones via official or authorized sales channels and double check the system infomation before flashing or updating.

Thank you for understanding.


Xiaomi goes even further advising customers to buy Xiaomi smartphones only through official or authorized reseller channels. As you might have heard Xiaomi has an expansion plan already in place, with new MI shops openning all over Europe and other markets.

The move will stop speculative (unofficial) sale of Xiaomi smarphones across the continents, but it will also hurt its fans overseas who can’t afford more expensive devices.

Up until recently customers who purchased a Xiaomi device online from China (unofficially importated) was able to flash Global MIUI ROM versions over the China MIUI ROMs in order to get rid of the bloatware and the Chinese menus. As of this week Xiaomi bans flashing Global MIUI ROM on China imported phones and China MIUI ROM on Global variants.

However, there is a work around it, as some forum members suggest. Any device with its bootloader unlocked is eligible for flashing ROMs on it. 

Mi forum members voices concern over the ban set in place by Xiaomi.