Oneplus 6 receives Android Pie software update ahead of Samsung, Huawei phones


Oneplus 6 receives Android Pie software

In early August, when Google made Android Pie version 9.0 official, the company also announced some of the mobile manufacturers and their devices that are eligible to participate in its beta testing program, and among those listed devices Google included the OnePlus 6 as well as part of their partnership with Oneplus.

Now, fast forward to today (about 45 days later) Oneplus has started to roll out Android Pie-based Oxygen OS, firmware build A6003_22_180915. As you’ve probably noticed (if you own a flagship killer phone) Oneplus is getting better and better at optimizing and rolling out software updates each year. In part thanks to Google’s new Android modularized update process developed through Project Treble. So instead of taking 3 to 5 month to deliver a newer version of Android on its smartphones, Oneplus has managed to reduce the timeframe to less than 60 days, which is awesome. And by the way, it put Samsung, Huawei and the rest of OEMs to shame.