Nokia 9 and Nokia 7.1 Plus confirmed by Google’s ARCore database


Nokia 9 and Nokia 7.1 Plus

It is no secret that HMD Global has plans to release a true flagship smartphone this year (no, it is not the Nokia 8 Sirocco), and it might just be the Nokia 9, a smartphone .we’ve heard so many rumours about.

Nokia 9 and Nokia 7.1 Plus confirmed already, but there is a mysterious third device, too

Nokia 7.1 Plus
credit photo Nokia 7.1 Plus: @OnLeaks (Twitter)


HMD Global had two events scheduled: a mobile gaming-centric smartphone release in India, where it already announced the Nokia 5.1 Plus and Nokia 6.1 Plus (and it wasn’t really a mobile gaming dedicated event although Nokia India promoted it as such using hashtag #gameon via Twitter), and a second event which will be taking place in London on October 4, where we expect the Finnish company to announce either Nokia 9 or the Nokia 7.1 Plus (Nokia X7 successor to Nokia X6 / Nokia 7 Plus). Unless it is the third device that has been spotted buried deep within Google’s ARCore database recently.

Now, we already identified Nokia 9 as the ‘AOP_sprout‘ (see image above, and Nokia 7.1 Plus / Nokia X7 as ‘PNX_sprout‘ (codename Pheonix), but we have no clue which one ‘CTL_sprout‘ might be. Anyhow, Google’s ARCore database seems to hint at three Nokia releases from HMD Global by the end of 2018, which is great news for Nokia fans isn’t it?

What Nokia smartphone do you plan to purchase by year’s end? Is Nokia 9 and Nokia 7.1 Plus on your shopping list?