Google’s Home Hub is a smart speaker with 7-inch display attached


Google's Home Hub

Pixel 3 smartphones are not the only 2018 products made by Google that’ve been leaked lately. New images provided by our friends at MySmartPrice show off what it will be Google’s own take on the Smart Display product niche.

Google Home Hub is the Search Giant’s way of connecting all smart devices in the house or at work to make our life easier.

Google’s Home Hub is a blend between a 7-inch LCD tactile display and a smart bluetooth speaker, which will not only offer compatibility with over 5,000 smart devices, but it will also come with an intuitive touch based interface and voice commands through Google’s virtual assistant.

Google’s upcoming product will be able to display key information, like the time of day, the weather, your weekly schedule, the news and even your daily commute via Google Maps. Hidden behind its 7″ display there is a bluetooth speaker covered in Charcoal (Grey) coloured fabric and it has a physical Mute / Silent toggle.

Home Hub will allow pairing with Google’s Nest Cam to boost your home’s security, and it’s not limited to Google’s own smart devices, but rather offers support to control the lights in the house, smart TV’s and so many more IoT devices.

Google’s Home Hub will be announced alongside Pixel 3 smartphones and other Pixel devices during October 9 event, in New York.

As for pricing and availability, Google’s Home Hub might cost only $150 / 150 Euro. MySmartPrice says that Google has 3 million units ready for sale, which means Google’s Home Hub will be available via its Play store right-away. Probably the same day it goes official.