Galaxy S10 to feature significant design changes including more colours


Galaxy S10

Next year (2019) Samsung Electronics is celebrating 10 years since it launched its first Galaxy S flagship smartphone back in June of 2009, an anniversary which will have to be properly celebrated by the South Korean company, maybe by introducing a whole new design direction to the series?

Galaxy S10 to feature significant design changes

The rumour has it Samsung will launch three (well, at least two) Galaxy S10 smartphones next spring, and according to its Mobile Division CEO, Mr. DJ Koh, their design is not foldable as some might expect them to be, however, design-wise the phones will see a significant change in appareance and there will be more colours than usual to pick from.

Galaxy S10 might feature a new type of display made of plastic material, one that wont be so prone to cracks like Corning’s current Gorilla Glass is. Samsung might also embed the all-new In-Display fingerprint sensor in the up and coming Galaxy S10 series, as well as adding 3D facial recognition technology to replace the current Facial Recognition and Iris scanning technology.

Samsung Galaxy S10 phones are expected to arrive equipped with Qualcomm’s latest and greatest (yet to be announced) Snapdragon 85x series chipset or Samsung’s own Exynos (both build on the 7nm process).