RAZER Phone 2 set to debut in October 10, at a Hollywood venue


We’ve heard a lot of rumours lately about RAZER prepping a new gaming smartphone powered by Google’s Android. And it makes sense for the company to announce the second RAZER Phone by the end of this year as the hardware has evolved  a lot since the launch of their first device. Besides, the first generation RAZER Phone needs a bump in the specs department if RAZER wants to stay relevant in this game, because every 6 to 8 months smartphones become irrelevant hardware-wise and replaced by new, freshly introduced handsets.

RAZER Phone 2

Also, at the end of this week RAZER started sending invites to an October 10 venue that hints at a flagship // gaming topic related event happening in Hollywood. The invite has a RAZER Phone like silhouette on it, announced Min-Liang Tan keynote and a ‘Mobility Showcase’ at the end of the event.

Since RAZER’s event is scheduled a day after Google’s Pixel 3, one day ahead of Samsung’s Galaxy event, and a few days ahead of Huawei’s Mate 20, the company has to bring its A game to the table. And on top of all this, there already is fierce competition on the niche with Asus’ ROG Phone, Xiaomi’s Black Shark, Huawei’s Honor Note 10. Let’s not forget that some companies have tried their luck already, and failed miserably.

The rumour has it the RAZER Phone 2 will get Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset, Chrome LED setup, as for its design the RAZER Phone 2 looks awfully similar to its predecessor. The good news is that RAZER worked all this time closely with several pro eSports players to optimize and fix whatever they needed to make the RAZER Phone 2 prefect for pro mobile gaming scene.