Recommended Apps for Digital Marketing


Recommended Apps for Digital Marketing

There’s a mobile app for everything these days and with the screen expansion we’re seeing in the past few years, laptops may soon become obsolete. If you’re a digital marketer, you know how important it is to be constantly updated on your campaigns and projects. This means you need non-stop access and a reliable device and app so you can keep your eye on your projects. Digital marketing agencies such as 2o are embracing the use of these apps as they offer a simple way of monitoring your project and building high-quality content as well.

Recommended Apps for Digital Marketing


Perch is a nifty little app available for Android and iOS that allows you to follow your social media mentions and your competitor’s mentions as well. It can give you an alert when someone leaves a review for your business on Yelp or another site. Perch is aimed at small businesses and is quite easy to use. If you’re starting your company now, it would be our recommendation for keeping an eye on your competitors.


Hootsuite is an experienced player in the digital marketing field. The social media management platform was created in 2008 and supports integration with the most popular social networks. There’s a Free, Pro, and Enterprise plan you can pick from – if you’ve started your company recently and this is your first Hootsuite experience, we suggest going for the free version.

The app allows you to create social media posts and post them to multiple accounts, while also allowing you to schedule posts for the future. Of course, you can see all your mentions on all social networks you’re connected on.


HubSpot is an Android and iOS app that offers analytical service and has been recommended by SEO experts. The app is free, but if you want to see advanced statistics, you’ll need to pay $200 for premium services. It has everything in one place and can give you details on your social network engagement, referrals, and other aspects from a digital marketing point of view.

Google AdWords

The AdWords app was a long time coming. Launched on Android recently, it allows you to check your campaign status and update your budget. The app just makes your life easier if you’re a person who likes to run PPC campaigns for your brand and products. No word on an iOS app, but we have no doubt it’ll arrive soon.

Google Analytics

Another Google app, Analytics lets you check key metrics for your campaigns and compare date ranges. It monitors the data in real time which is nice and lets you explore to build your own reports which you can later save to your dashboard. It’s an essential app to have if you’re running PPC campaigns.


The WordPress app is absolutely essential for anyone that uses this platform for blogging. It will help you create content right from the app, check your stats and monitor the comments and feed on your website. Available for Android and iOS, WordPress is a great way of creating content and managing your website on the go.