Man or Vampire, a fantastic role-playing game for Android


Man or Vampire

A while ago I came across Man or Vampire inside the Google Play store, a fantastic role-playing game with nice graphics, quality soundtrack and good gameplay. And while it wasnt officially available at the time, I was able to subscribe to be notified when the game comes out of beta testing.

Today, September 13, I received an email notification about it being available, and I got excited to start playing it. The story behind it is about a mysterious world called Paradise where dead souls gather, a world that’s about to end at the hand of the vampires unless the players have something to say about it.

Man or Vampire made it into the ‘Top 10 Google Indie Game Festival’ last year, and it got ranked 2nd in the Game Creation Audition the same year, and it is now finally available to anyone with an Android device.