Onigo Hunter is a fantasy RPG you’ll love to play


Onigo Hunter

Zelda franchise fans will definitely love Onigo Hunter, a fantasy role-playing mobile game where you play the Chosen One, a hunter hero who has to investigate the disappearance of his King inside the ancient ruins of the realm.

While the game unfolds, our hero has to set specific traps to catch all sorts of monsters, monster which combined allows the hunter to create and upgrade its equipment and items (armour and weapons) to get through the levels.

The graphics is 8-bi,t kinda of style, and the game play is interactive and fun, perfect to kill time while on a break from work. The game starts very slow with a lot of dialogues between the hunter hero, the princess and the queen to be at the Guild place right after you catch the first monster. So, arm yourself with some extra patience, because it will take a while to finish the introductory dialogue, all while tapping the screen to skip it.