Galaxy Note 9 Fine Gold Edition with 1kg pure gold back plate. The price is insane!


Galaxy Note 9 Fine Gold Edition

A week ago Samsung Electronics introduced the new Galaxy Note 9 with an S Pen, and whether we like the colours it’s being shipped in, the Russian company called Caviar is offering more variants. One in particular comes with a back entirely made of pure gold.

Galaxy Note 9 Fine Gold Edition comes with 1 kg of pure gold

Galaxy Note 9 Fine Edition is a 50.000 Euro custom-made smartphone made of 1 kg of pure gold for the more extravagant people. But if you are not into pouring that much money in a Galaxy Note 9 but you still want something else than the glossy glass back, then you are in luck. Caviar is also selling a Galaxy Note 9 variant with only gold engravings, one with its back made of alligator skin and so on. There is even the option to engrave the Russian Federation logo on the Note 9.