Epic Games wont release Fortnite via Google Play store


Epic Games wont release Fortnite

One of the critically acclaimed mobile games of 2018 is definitely coming to Android, however, 6 months have passed already and Fortnite hasnt dropped in the Google Play store yet. On top of that Epic Games’ CEO Tim Sweeney delivered more bad news to its fans.

Epic Games wont release Fortnite to Android users via Google Play store

According to Tim Sweeney’s statement, Fortnite will not be available via Google’s app store, but rather free to download via Epic Games’ website. The studio developing the game for Android handsets is not happy with Google’s 30% cut of every transaction happening within the Play store (whether it is an initial purchase or an in-app purchase), mainly because the 70% remaining is not covering Epic Games’ expenses.

Apple also takes 30% of any transaction happening in the App store, so it is safe to say that Epic Games are not greedy, but rather financially cautious with its golden goose.

Ironic how Fortnite is already one of the most popular Android games although it hasn’t dropped yet on Android. At launch everyone will be able to download the game from Epic Games website, all they’ll have to do to be able to install it, is to go into Settings > Security to check “Unknown Sources” and hit Ok. This will allow users to install external APK files on Android devices.

Unfortunately, Epic Games hasn’t set the launch date yet, so we will have to wait a little bit longer. We believe it wont take more than a month, a month and a half before Fortnite lands on Android (a September release date is probable).