Alto’s Odyssey endless runner game lands on Android [free download]


Alto's Odyssey

From the people behind critically acclaimed Alto’s Adventure game comes a new mobile adventure Alto’s Odyssey, a game developed by Noodlecake Studios that’s been available for a while (February 2018) on iPhone and Ipad devices in paid version.

Alto’s Odyssey finally landed this week on Android and it is free to download. The catch is that it’s filled with ads, and you’ll have to pay to get rid of them.

Alto’s Odyssey is the sequel to Alto’s Adventure, and one of the best endless runner games delivering clean minimalistic graphics, great soundtrack and fun gameplay.

  • Features

    • A standalone experience. Alto’s Odyssey is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Alto’s Adventure, but you don’t need to have played one to enjoy the other.

    • Easy to learn, difficult to master. At the heart of the Alto series is an elegant one-touch trick system. Chain together combos, and complete 180 goals — all with intuitive controls.

    • Explore Biomes. From the dunes, to the canyons, to the temples, explore a rich and diverse landscape, with each area boasting unique visuals and gameplay. 

    • Newfound heights. Discover secrets in the sky with hot-air balloons, moving grind rails, and wall riding.

    • Master the elements. In addition to dynamic lighting and weather effects like sandstorms and shooting stars, the desert is home to swirling wind vortexes and rushing water.

    • Meet Alto and friends. Unlock six unique characters, each with their own attributes and abilities.

    • Zen Mode. Complete with its own serene soundtrack, this relaxing mode distills Odyssey down to its purest elements: no scores, no coins, and no power-ups. Just you and the endless desert. 

    • Photo Mode. From the pause screen, get behind the lens and take stunning photos of your trip through the desert. Pinch, swipe, pan and zoom to frame the ideal shot, and share them with friends and family.

    • Original music and handcrafted audio. Headphones recommended!