Galaxy Watch to run Wear OS instead of Tizen for Bixby to work? (voice commands)


Galaxy Watch

You may have heard the rumours about Samsung Electronics planning to launch a brand new smartwatch this year running Google’s Wear OS instead of Samsung’s own Tizen platform. 

Galaxy Watch to run Wear OS instead of Tizen for Bixby to work?

You may also not believe these rumours as they seem lacking logic, but bear with me to explain why I believe these rumours have some truth in them.

Whether it will be called Samsung Gear S4 or Galaxy Watch as the rumours seem to suggest, the next smartwatch from Samsung might run Wear OS (former Android Wear) because of one feature that Samsung can’t implement into Tizen, which is Bixby, its own A.I. based assistant. 

As we all know Bixby requires Android to run (Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 8 smartphones), and with Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon Wear chipset for smartwatches ready to launch by the end of August 2018 (which is rumoured to feature A.I. technology), the rumours are starting to make some sense as to why Samsung would want to launch a new smartwatch running Wear OS instead of its Tizen platform. Wear OS and Qualcomm’s latest chipset will allow Samsung to smoothly integrate its Bixby assistant into its upcoming Galaxy Watch, a smartwatch rumoured to launch alongside Galaxy Note 9 in a press event taking place in New York in August 9.

Would you consider owning a Samsung Galaxy Watch / Gear S4 filled with voice commands thanks to Google’s Wear OS platform and Bixby?