Samsung sets Galaxy Note 9 launch date for August 9


Samsung sets Galaxy Note 9 launch date

Samsung sets Galaxy Note 9 launch date for August 9, 2018.

Samsung Electronics has just set the date for when the Galaxy Note 9 is coming out of the shadows. And even though the company hasn’t mentioned Note 9’s name in its mysterious teaser, we know that it involves the phablet as the image used by the company to tease us via social media shows partial design of the new S Pen, which may (or may not) include a fingerprint scanner embedded in the button that Samsung shows off in its teaser image you see above.

Some are speculating that the fingerprint reader on the Note 9 might be embedded in its display, however, that technology is not 100% ready for main stream debut although we’ve seen some smaller Chinese manufacturers like Vivo and Oppo adopting it already while top manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Huawei still testing internally such biometric technology.

Either way, “change is coming, can you keep up?” as the next Samsung Unpacked event will be taking place on August 9 in New York, where we will witness the unveil of the Galaxy Note 9, whether it features an in-display or in S Pen fingerprint scanner. The event will be also live streamed over the internet.

Where do you think the finger print reader will be?