Prey Day Survival, a cool multiplayer zombie survival Android game [Find of the week]


Prey Day Survival

Over the weekend I stumbled upon Prey Day Survival, a role playing game developed by Pragmatix available in both single and multi player mode, where you have to loot for resources to craft your own armour and weapons in order to defend yourself from zombies, monsters and other real player to stay alive in an apocalyptic environment.

What’s cool about Prey Day Survival in comparison to other such survival Android games, is the Clans option, where you can make your own clan once you reach a certain level (create a radio tower) and amount of resources, or just join one that’s already created by other real players inside the game. Alliances are important in this game, because some quests requires co-op gameplay, and it is easier to survive the zombiecalypse. You can also trade inside a clan with other clan members.

Crafting weapons and amours is a must just like looting for resources or farming, and while low-level items are easier to craft (within 15 minutes to craft a baseball bat for example, even less for basic clothing), other items can take up to 4 hours. 

For a mobile game, Prey Day Survival is extremely fun and engaging, it will require your whole attention to be able to loot, craft, farm and also survive as you’ll be in constant alert for possible threats. The game is constantly updated by the developers, the graphics arent bad, and the gameplay is awesome.

If you are into role-playing games especially survival style games, then Prey Day Survival is something you should definitley try.