Google’s Measure app is fun, but also problematic


measure app

Google Inc announced the release of an application called Measure, which allows us to measure (obviously) the size of any object in the real world through the lenses of our smartphones camera, like, measuring the length, height or the width of surrounding objects. The app also allows switching between imperial and metric units, and even let’s you save for later the pictures of the measurements you’ve made.

The application is free to download from the Google Play store, but it has a lot of problems. First off, the Measure app only estimates the measurements taken by moving the phone around the space / room you are in.

The second problem is that it only works on ARCore compatible devices, devices that run at least Android 7.0 version. In some cases it requires for the handset to run minimum Android v8.0 Oreo as explained by Google on its page.

Another issues is with measurements estimated on smaller objects, users who have downloaded and tried the app say the measurements are most of the time wrong, however, the Measure app gets the sizes right when it comes to measuring walls or large pieces of furniture. 

And last but not the least of Google’s measuring app problems, is that your smartphone will require the installation of ARCore application too, otherwise the Measure app wont work. 

With future app improvements the app might become an actual tool for handymen. But for now, it is only a fun app for you to play with.