Motorola One Power smartphone caught in live images


Motorola One Power smartphone

At the beginning of the month an alleged Motorola One Power smartphone showed up in a couple of rendered images which were portraying Motorola’s first handset with a notch. At the time the information was pretty scarce and the source was not that credible, however, it appears the phone is real.

A handful of live shots published recently online shows off the Moto One Power (or whatever its commercial name will be) in a hands-on treatment. The source of these images doesn’t reveal much about Motorola’s secret handset. In fact, it doesn’t know the name nor the key specs of the phone. It only speculates on what it sees in the images it received claiming it features a 6-inch or taller display with Full HD+ screen resolution, says that it might sport dual stereo speakers at the bottom because of the two speaker grills design cutout (we doubt that Motorola placed two stereo speakers at the bottom of the device, however, the ear-piece might act as a secondary speaker) flanking the USB-C port, a fingerprint sensor at the back underneath the M logo, also a dual main camera at the back like on the iPhone X coupled by an 8MP selfie snapper at the front. The hybrid micro SD / SIM slot is at the left-hand side.