Space Armour 2 – Futuristic 3D First Person Shooter


Space Armour 2

Who doesnt love the fun and the action of a first person shooter game (FPS)? I know, right. The FPS scene has evolved from the classic Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Quake (in the late 80 early 90s), Counter-Strike (late 90s till date) to games that are now playable on our smartphones. 

Space Armour 2 is one of those first person shooters that brings an instant classic’s fun to mobile phones, and to top it all off the action takes place in a post apocalyptic future, on a planet filled with loads of alien creatures and A.I. androids (robots).

Developed by OPHYER, Space Armour 2 offers 3D graphics with great sound effects and intense gameplay. The player has access to more than 20 weapons and armours throughout the game, and his goal is to upgrade its equipment in order to be able to defeat the alien creatures and their unique bosses.

OPHYER says that it has developed a brand new never before seen character ranking system for Space Armour 2. We will let you decided on this one.

However, SP2 is a pretty engaging and fun to play 3D mobile shooter, and you should definitely give it a try.