FIFA World Cup 2018 official app keep the fans updated [Bonus 2x Wallpapers]


The 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament kicked off today in Moscow, Russia, and for the next 31 days the entire planet will be connected one way or the other to the one of the worlds most anticipated events in sports.

FIFA World Cup 2018 official app

FIFA World Cup 2018 official app

Are you connected? Well, if you are not, here’s how you can learn more about all the groups, teams, the players, fixtures and kick-off times and venues happening in Russia an entire month until July 15, when the World Cup 2018 Final will take place. So, whether you are in Russia for the duration of the tournament or you are in front of the TV the FIFA World Cup 2018 official app will keep you updated about anything and everything about your favourites.

For example England’s World Cup debut starts in Volgograd city on Monday June 18, against Tunisia, and you can read all the details and the latest news inside FIFA World Cup 2018 official app.


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