Alpha Guns 2, an entertaining classic-style arcade shooter


Alpha Guns 2

After its success with the first Alpha Guns aim and shoot game, the folk at Rendered Ideas released its second game in the series dubbed Alpha Guns 2 (obviously), a game that brings nostalgia and excitement to mobile gamers just like Metal Slug and Contra did back in the day to arcade gamers.

A classic arcade shooter, Alpha Guns 2 sounds and graphics are decent at best (cartoon-ish), but the gameplay is action-packed, fun, addictive and easy for killing time. Each level is challenging with lots of bosses, tanks and other weird machines to destroy. 

Because it is a free to play game it serves in-game pop-up ads, which are annoying, but if you can move past that Alpha Guns 2 is pretty nice for a classic-style arcade shooter.

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